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1/18:Bobbi gets Sporting puppy group 1 from the 4-6 month class at her first AKC show

1/17: Niki goes select for 4 additional GR.CH.pts at Oakland County KC for a total of 23 GR.CH.pts

1/16:Niki goes select for 2 more gr ch.points at Livonia KC

1/11:Bobbi gets a sporting group 2 at the MSU match

5/17: Piper goes WB for 2 points at Genesee KC 

5/17: Niki goes SEL for 2 more GC points

5/18: Niki goes BOS at Genesee KC for 2
more GC points.
4/27: Niki goes select at Birch Run for 2 Gr Ch points 
4/12: Piper goes WB, BOB, Group 3 at Kent KC to finish her Canadian championship.
3/22: Piper goes WB, BOB for 3 points in Windsor, Canada 
3/22: Piper WB, BOB, Group 2 in Windsor, Canada for 5 points 
1/16:Niki goes select in Novi for another 2 Gr Ch points
11/31:Niki goes select in E. Lansing for a 4 point Gr. Ch major  
11/10:Niki goes select for a 3 point Gr. Ch major
11/8: Niki goes BW, BOS in Kalamazoo MI, for her 3rd major to finish her championship
11/7: Niki goes BW at Kalamazoo, MI
10/28: Piper goes WB at Valparaiso, In
10/27: Niki goes WB at Valparaiso, In
9/7: Niki goes WB at Somerset KC for a 3 point major
8/4: Niki goes WB at Sturgis KC
8/3: Niki goes WB at Sturgis KC
6/23: Niki goes BW at Macomb KC
6/22: Niki BW at Macomb KC 
4/29: Piper gets an AKC puppy group 2 at Birch Run 
    3/3: NIKI gets a 3 point RWB at Detroit KC  from the open class 
Piper finishes her UKC champioship in 2 weekends including a Group  
     1/19 Niki  goes WB, BW for a 4 point major in Novi on 1/19 from the 12-18 month class
Niki gets a 4 point  RWB  in K-Zoo on 11/9  from the 12-18 month class
Roxy wins best veteran in sweeps at the FDGRC Specialty Sept/2012
Niki places 3rd in the 9-12 mos class at the 2012 Golden Retriever National . Entry of 40 
Niki finishes her Canadian Championship in 4 shows by going BOB, Group 2 from the 9-12 month puppy class and Best Puppy In Show in June/2012
Niki goes BISS at the Mid Michigan Golden Retriever Club in April/2012



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